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Services & Pricing

New hardware or software not included in pricing.

Service call and Computer Evaluation

Hardware Testing, and evaluation will provide a diagnostic as to the current condition of your computer, estimated life expectancy and cost benefit analysis as to whether or not other services are warranted.

Computer Clean out

We will open your computer case and do a complete clean out of all internal components. We will also insure that all fans are working correctly and all wires and cables are connected and in good condition.

Software Installation and Removal

Programs are getting more complex as time goes on. If you want to make sure that your programs are installed correctly we will be happy to install and configure it for you. If you have old software that is no longer in use, we will remove it and clean the registry to insure it is properly removed.  Our fee is per program installed or removed.

PC Hardware Upgrades

    This is a per component fee for hardware replacement. RAM, Video Cards, CPUs, Power Supplies, Sound Cards and Hard drive replacement are examples.   "Hardware Costs are extra" We can assist with choosing the hardware that you are looking for.

Expired Anti-Virus Removal and Replacement

Did your computer come with a 'free' anti-virus that's now no longer working and asking you for money?  We'll remove all old anti-virus software and replace it with the latest free anti-virus software (usually Microsoft Security Essentials or now Windows Defender), and no further ongoing payments will be required.

New PC Recommendation and Cleanup

We will help you find the best computer for you that fits your needs and your budget.  We will also remove any trial-ware applications, trial antivirus, and Crud-ware installed on the machine from the Vendor.  We will also assist you in ordering the computer, and clean it so by the time you receive it, your new PC or Laptop is really ready to go.

Wireless Network Installation and Configuration

We will securely install and configure your wireless network (up to 2 devices). Additional configuration fee for other devices is $25.

PC Tuneup

If your computer is running slowly, it may not be a virus, it could be due to a conflicted registry, and you may have too many services running. This service also includes cleanup of temporary files, disk defragmentation, and a disk check.  We will also also run a stress test, and give you an approximation on the lifespan of your machine

Malware Removal

If you suspect your computer has a virus, worm, trojan, ad-ware or any other type of malware, we can run our software and usually locate and remove them all without formatting your computer and losing your data.

Operating System Re-Installation or upgrade

If you don't have your PC's recovery disks, we will assist you in ordering them (installation media costs extra. For Windows 10 upgrades.)  We will re-install or upgrade the operating system and all of the computers drivers, and back up your documents pictures and music before reinstallation.

Drive Failing or Failure

If your drive is failing or has failed, we can attempt to recover any data that is on it such as documents, photos or music. This is not always possible however. We will also assist in choosing the best drive as a replacement and install it. This will require a new Operating system be purchased and installed. If data was recovered from the failed drive we will then transfer it to the new drive.

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