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Are you Confused By Tech?

We are here to help!

In today's world our electronic devices are ever changing.

The simplest problems that may seem overwhelming at the time can be corrected with just a little help.

Do you have a family member or friend that is in need of more specialized help than you can give?

That is what we are here for.

We at Cedar Hollow Tech realize that many items today are purchased online and delivered to your door.

Convenience is great! 

But what happens when you have to setup and operate these devices? 

That is what we are here for.  

We Can Help!!! 

Cedarhollow Tech: Welcome

Who We Are

How We Got Here

We’re a family team of IT specialists with over 20 years of experience in the IT community. We started out building our own computers and that evolved into careers in IT working with both hardware and software. Coming from Cleveland Clinic and Discover Financial Data center's. We moved back home to Hiawatha Kansas. We are here to help you to navigate the rapidly changing tech environment. From smart products and computer issues to connecting your new flat screen or simply aiding in programming a new remote. 

Cedarhollow Tech: About Us

What We Do

At Cedar Hollow Tech, we believe that technology is our friend and we know that it can be daunting at times. We want to help make it as easy for you to enjoy as we do. Life doesn't have to be confusing to go smart. It doesn't have to be frustrating to get something new. Let us help you enjoy those new smart toy's.  Have fun with the gifts that you get and let us take the hassle out of new tech.

Cedarhollow Tech: Our Technology
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